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Locations of re facilities on campus

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 6.10.32 PM.png

re Kiosk

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 6.10.25 PM.png

re Bin

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Smart Bin

Lunchbox Lending System icon2.jpg

Lunchbox Lending System

re Kiosk
re Bin

The re Kiosk is just the beginning of a series of recycling initiatives, with the support and participation of the university community, re Campaign will be empowered to expand its network and scale on campus.

Run Run Shaw Podium, Main Campus
(next to Subway and opposite to the Runme Shaw Building)


24-hour access


re Kiosk accepts these recyclables

Green Features of re Kiosk

re Kiosk is designed and constructed in a sustainable manner. We are also growing a wide variety of plants, turning the spot into a mini garden with beautiful greenery scene. With sustainability at the heart of the design, it reinforces HKU’s institutional vision, commitments, and goals into all aspects of the University’s facilities, operations and activities.

Plants you may find on the vertical wall, click to see their names.

  • Recycle more
    More types of recyclables will be collected at the new kiosk, such as rechargeable batteries, and different types of plastics other than just bottles and beverage cartons
  • Easy quantification
    The recyclables collected by the kiosk can be evaluated easily so our campus is well prepared for the implementation of the Municipal Solid Waste Charging.
  • As an icon
    The re Kiosk will become the visual icon of HKU’s devotion to be a pioneer in promoting green living.
  • Facilitate waste reduction and recycling
    This large-scale, well-managed and user-friendly recycling site can facilitate waste reduction and recycling support for members of HKU , meaning everyone can contribute easily.
  • Education
    The iconic, all-rounded kiosk is more educative than the scattered recycling bins.

Pilot Programme 

on Smart Recycling


Pilot Programme on Smart Recycling Systems (the Smart Bin) is launched by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) so as to promote smart city development. 

The smart bin can automatically measure and record the weight of recyclables collected  and the door is electrically operated. The Smart Bins are located on Centennial Campus (G/F Central Podium Level next to Jockey Club Tower) and Senior Staff Quarters (Pine Court, 23 Sha Wan Drive) and are currently accepting recyclables such as Paper, Plastic, Metal and Glass Bottle. 

G/F Centennial Campus
(next to Jockey Club Tower)

smart bin-jockey club tower-s.jpg

Pine Court, Senior Staff Quarters
(near Block 3)


24-hour access


Smart Bin accepts these recyclables

Features of the Smart Bin

  • 24-hour operation

  • Self-serving recycling

  • With sensors monitoring fill levels for efficient recyclable collection

  • Automatic recording of the weight of recyclables and support EPD GREEN$ Electronic Participation Incentive Scheme

  • GREEN$ earned from recycling can redeem into gift items under EPD’s GREEN@COMMUNITY

Lending System

The Lunchbox Lending System (consist of a "Lending Machine" and a "Return Machine") is launched by Jockey Club Sustainable Campus Consumer Programme (JCSCCP) and supported by the eight UGC funded universities to promote a reuse and disposable-free culture across the campuses.

Outside Union Restaurant
(Haking Wong Podium)

Borrow Machine & Return Machine_edited.j

24-hour access

How to use this system?

  • Borrow the lunchbox at the "Lending Machine" with a deposit of $20 per container with your Octopus cards.

  • Empty the lunchbox after the meal (no need to wash!!)

  • Return the lunchbox to the "Return Machine" and get the $20 deposit refund with your Octopus cards.

Please visit

to learn more details about this system.

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