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To reduce plastic pollution, HKU has implemented the Disposable Plastic-free Campus Policy since 2020. Campus restaurants are currently using paper containers to replace single-use plastic containers for takeaways. Although paper containers can be decomposed in landfills, they still put pressure on landfills and also deplete the Earth's resources.


Bring your own reusables when purchasing takeaways on campus! Take this small step to relief the pressure on landfills, reduce wastage of resources, as well as save our planet!

BYO Facilites

B. Y. O. Facilities at HKU

Reusable Lunchbox Lending System

​​outside Union Restaurant, Haking Wong Podium

Free of Charge

Click here for more details!

BYO - ReCube_edited.png

Reusable Tableware Rental Service for Takeaway

Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant, Centennial Campus

Free of charge for 7-day rental period; $5 for an additional 7-day rental

BYO - Starbucks.jpg

Borrow A Cup

Starbucks, Composite Building

Free of Charge

Click here for more details!

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