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Our Goal and Objectives

re Campaign aims to reduce solid waste by increasing the on-campus recycling rate. This goal is also to follow the Municipal Solid Waste Charging policy and support the vision of “Waste Blueprint for Hong Kong 2035” set out by the government.  

Our key achievement goals 


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Benefits to the HKU Community


To inspire the general public, while ensuring internal activities complies with our goals.


To proactively take up the leading role in supporting HKSAR Government's goal in meeting carbon neutral in 2050. 


Build long-lasting impacts through behavioural changes among the university community by establishing an accessible and cost-effective recycling network, with new facilities and initiatives to encourage active engagement.


To educate HKUers with knowledge of waste reduction and recycling by providing multi-perspective engagement opportunities and insights, nurture eco-friendly daily habits, encourage them to contribute by taking small steps while resulting in significant changes campus-wide.